School aims and vision

This is the place to be!
A very warm welcome to our school!
Myrtle Park Primary School will enable your child to flourish in developing a love of learning and life skills through their primary school years.

We aim to help your child to thrive, academically, physically and socially as they grow from a 3-year old into an independent and confident 11-year-old. We do this by providing a carefully planned set of experiences, within and beyond the school day, that helps your child develop in a happy, supportive and rich learning environment.

We have a dedicated and experienced staff, who are looking forward to working in partnership with you and your child. We are extremely proud of our school, the children’s achievements and are continually working to be the best we can be.

Our 3 vision statements & aims are:
  • High standards in everything we do
  • Learning skills for life together
  • Making happy memories, realising dreams