Relationships and Sex Education

At Myrtle Park Primary School we will be teaching the new curriculum for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) from the Summer 2 term 2021. This new curriculum has been made compulsory by The Department for Education (DfE).

You can read about these changes in this DfE guide for parents here:

The new curriculum will cover sessions linked to the following areas:

  • Building positive and healthy relationships
  • Taking care of our physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Keeping safe (including online safety)
  • How our bodies grow and change

Coram Life Education

At our school we are using the leading children’s health and wellbeing charity, Coram Life Education (CLE) to support us in meeting the legal requirements for teaching RSE. We do this in two ways:

  • A visit from a trained educator who will deliver aspects of the Relationships Education and Health Education programme
  • Using Coram Life Education’s online SCARF teaching resources.

For more information about Coram Life Education and an overview of the themes covered in each year group, please see the document Information for parents about ‘SCARF below.

Parental concerns and withdrawal of students

Parents have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from some or all of the non-statutory Sex Education our school teaches but not Relationships Education. They do not have a right to withdraw their children from those aspects of Sex Education that are taught in the statutory National Curriculum Science and Health Education. However, we are hopeful that we can support parents with any concerns and questions.

Useful resources for parents

The following website links may be useful to support you in continuing conversations which will begin at school.

Our Policy

Once our policy has been finalised with the input of staff, parents and governors, you can access it in the ‘Policies’ section of our website or by clicking the link below: