The school had it’s most recent full OFSTED inspection in March 2017.
As a school we were graded as REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT.

The full report can be viewed here

The Summary of the OFSTED Report is below:

  • Leaders at all levels do not have an accurate overview of how well different groups of pupils are progressing.
  • Some subject leaders are inexperienced and/or new in post. Information is not shared effectively so that leaders are equipped with the knowledge to evaluate the impact of changes they are making to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Governors are aware of the weaknesses in the school. They have devised an action plan but have been too slow in calling the school to account.
  • Support for those pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities has not been well coordinated or effectively monitored.
  • Because leaders have not devised a whole school policy, teachers adopt various
    approaches to the editing of pupils’ written work and correction of spellings. This means that rates of pupils’ progress in writing is inconsistent.
  • Teaching in writing is not consistently good. Some teachers do not have high expectations of the way pupils present their work.
  • Expectations of children when they enter the early years are too low. Activities provided are not sharply focused on what they need to learn. This means progress is not fast enough.

The school has the following strengths

  • There is some high-quality teaching in the school. This has been used well to improve the
    weaker teaching.
  • The school has helped pupils to develop a genuine love of reading. They are skilled in decoding unfamiliar words, discussing texts and expressing opinions about their book preferences.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is good and they focus well on their learning. They are keen and
    enthusiastic about their lessons and the subjects they learn.
  • The curriculum is well planned, giving the pupils a rich experience of different topics. Their understanding of different cultures and religions develops good spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.
  • This is a caring school. Pupils say they are happy and feel safe and nearly all parents agree. The school follows correct procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of pupils.

Parent View

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