Equality Objectives

At Myrtle Park we aim to create and equal and inclusive environment with the following equality objectives:

  • Create an inclusive environment that meets the individual educational needs of each child;
  • Ensure that the special educational needs of children are identified, assessed and provided for;
  • Make clear the expectations of all involved in the process;
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of staff in supporting children’s special educational needs;
  • Enable all children to access all elements of the school curriculum;
  • Ensure that parents can play their part in supporting their child’s education;
  • Ensure that children have a voice in their education;
  • Reward success, however small and at all levels both in and out of school;
  • Ensure that all pupils make the best possible, optimal progress;
  • Ensure staff have the appropriate training and resources to enable them to cater for a wide variety of barriers to learning.